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Dear Fellow American:

What's happening RIGHT NOW in Washington, D.C. could spell disaster for YOUR guns and YOUR Second Amendment rights!

Hundreds of gun-ban politicians, political appointees and bureaucrats are now writing regulations, casting votes and passing laws that could all but eliminate your right to own a gun. Their agenda starts with licensing, registering, fingerprinting, inspecting and cataloging every firearm, firearm owner and firearm transfer in the United States ...

... And it ends with an outright ban on your guns!!!!

Only you can stop the anti-gunners and prevent the obliteration of our Second Amendment rights...
by joining NRA today.

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Remember: NRA is the ONLY firewall standing between your firearms freedoms and those who would take them away. And we need your help to win! Thanks for acting today.

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President